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I need to move Lot Wizard from one computer to another

These instructions will help you move your dealership and vehicle data from your current Lot Wizard to another computer. These notes pertain to a single computer installation and not a networked workstation or satellite machine.
  1. Create a backup of your data [ Learn how ]
  2. Install the Lot Wizard software on the new computer. If you do not have a Lot Wizard installation CD, you can download the installation file by clicking here. If you use a dial-up internet connection and would like to request an installation CD instead of downloading the file, click here to request a CD-ROM via snail mail.
  3. Restore the saved backup onto the new computer [ Learn how ]

How to create a backup of your Lot Wizard data

Lot Wizard creates two types of backups. The first will create a single file containing your Lot Wizard data. You have the option of including inventory photos in a local backup. We highly recommend to relocate the backup file to another computer or external storage device. If your computer is lost in a fire or stolen, any backups left on the computer are also lost. The second type of backup is uploaded to our servers over a secure connection. This upload is not able to backup your vehicle photos. We store these backup files for 60 days before deleting them, and our tech support staff can help you restore these files to your Lot Wizard system.

Local backup with vehicle photos

  1. Start Lot Wizard
  2. Choose Backup Database from the Utilities menu
  3. Click the Browse button and locate a convenient place on your computer or external storage to save the backup file
  4. Click the Save button on the Save As dialog window
  5. Check the Include pictures in backup file check box to include photos attached to your inventory
  6. Click the OK button on the Database Backup Copy window

Backup data upload without vehicle photos

  1. Start Lot Wizard
  2. Choose Dealer Data Upload from the Help menu
  3. Click the Upload button ( internet connection required )
  4. Wait for the Transfer Complete message to confirm a successful upload

How to restore a Lot Wizard backup

  1. Copy your backup file to a convenient location on your computer or insert the external disk or storage media that contains the backup into the computer
  2. Close the Lot Wizard software on all computers
  3. Click the Start button and choose All Programs
  4. Find the Lot Wizard program group and click the Repair Compact icon to open the Lot Wizard Utilities
  5. Click the Retrieve Backup Database button to open the Restore Database window
  6. Click the Browse button and browse to the backup file you would like to restore
  7. Click the Open button after selecting the backup file
  8. Click the OK button on the Restore Database window
  9. Close the Lot Wizard Utilities window

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