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My vehicle photos are not being uploaded to the Internet

If you are having trouble uploading photos along with your vehicle data, the following steps will resolve this issue.

  1. Launch the Internet Stock Transfer screen from the Utilities menu, look for the check box at the bottom that says All Pictures. Check this box before clicking the Upload button. An All Pictures upload will take a bit longer than a normal upload with New Pictures Only checked because of the larger size of the data transmission. If this did not solve your problem, complete the following step.
  2. Some older versions of our software upload pictures slightly differently than our current format. This difference prevents pictures from being uploaded until Lot Wizard is updated at least once. If the previous step did not solve your issue, follow these steps to update to a newer version of the software:
    Click Download Updates/Registration Key on the Utilities menu. Click the red Connect button. A list of available downloads will be fetched from our servers, and after a few seconds the top left of the Internet Downloads screen will say Suggested downloads have been added to the downloads list. When you see this message, click the Download button in the bottom right. Lot Wizard will download the latest version and update itself automatically. After the update is finished, follow step one above.

I am having trouble uploading photos for a certain vehicle

Lot Wizard will tell you exactly which vehicle pictures are going to be uploaded on the Internet Stock Transfer screen. In the screen shot below, the Upload Pics check boxes have been circled. If you need to update the photos for a particular vehicle, make sure this box is checked before you click the upload button.

How to point a GoDaddy domain to a Friday Systems website

In order to use a domain you registered at with your Friday Systems dealer website, complete the following steps.

  1. Login to
  2. Click the Domains link on the left under MY PRODUCTS
  3. Click Manage Domains under the Domain Names heading
  4. Check on your domain name in the list and choose Manage Domain
  5. Locate the Total DNS box in the center of the screen and click Total DNS Control
  6. Locate the @ Host record under the A (Host) list
  7. Click the icon on the right to edit this record
  8. Enter into the Points To Ip Address field
  9. Click OK

This change may take up to 24 hours to complete. Please contact us and let us know the name of this domain so we can update our servers with this information.

How to link YouTube videos to Lot Wizard inventory units

If you shoot videos for each of your vehicles, we recommend uploading your video clips to YouTube. You can use the YouTube video embed code to associate YouTube videos with your Lot Wizard vehicles. This link allows us to display your videos in places where we normally just show the vehicle photos.


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